Turnkey excavation and ground support solutions

Specialist Tunnel Excavation provides clients unique turnkey excavation and ground support solutions with surface mining, tracked trenchers, road headers, profilers, ground support, excavators and dump trucks.

Each type of machine has the option to utilise our fleet of tracked remote dust extraction units to control the harmful silica dust at the source, removing the need to establish separate ventilation systems. Our flexible workforce has the ability to move between various equipment providing utilisation options for our clients.

Specialist Tunnel Excavation introduced the use of surface mining and tracked trenchers into tunnel projects for bench and trench excavation with effective control of harmful silica dust.

Key advantages to working with us

Ability to provide vertical wall cuts, which removes the requirement for boundary wall cuts with diamond saws, and hammering of wall toes.
No respite downtime for noise and vibration, so surface miners can work 24 / 7.
Even cut material product size of 100-150mm.
Proven control of harmful silica dust produced during excavation with our 20m3/second dry vacuum dust extraction systems.


Specialist Tunnel Excavation has expanded our fleet of equipment to include Wirtgen 210 XP and Wirtgen 250 XP profilers for utilisation on tunnel projects.

The Wirtgen W 210 XP high performance milling machine meets all the demands placed on modern construction machinery in full, be it high performance, economic efficiency or flexibility. Combining tremendous engine power with an optimum machine transport weight, the W 210 XP has added a trump card to the deck within its class.

Specialist Tunnel Excavation utilises the profiler in between bench excavation and utility trenching with our tracked remote 20m3/second scrubber units which could remove the requirement to set up separate bratas wall dust/ventilation extraction during cutting activities.

The profiling scope of works can be provided to clients if required as part of our turnkey package offering between bench excavation and utility trench excavation.

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